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Star Trek IX Fic

We Reach Our Apogee Slowly
An epic and wonderful K/S fic with mission chapters and everything! A pretty slow WIP, though. I don’t believe there has been an update on the fic since…oh, the end of September or so. And we’re knee deep in a mission chapter! Don’t blame the writer, though: blame her lack of internets. Anywho, the story rocks thus far, and I heartily recommend it.

Another in the epic and wonderful camp of K/S fiction, now upwards of 33 chapters long and still unfinished! (Warning: WIP) This poor writer has come down with a case of writer’s block for the last few chapters–encourage her, for her work is awesome! This story is very sweet, and the characterization is pretty incredible. She has a great sense of Vulcan dialogue!

A long and actually completed(?) K/M fic that is pretty excellently executed–this writer draws heavily from both the new movie AND the series, so fans of the show will be able to read through and go “Hah! I remember that ep!” Good times, good fic.

Relax, Cupcake!
This is a pretty good archive of STIX fiction, and is how I found many of the aforementioned awesome fics, in addition to others not listed here. Huzzah!

Jeeves and Wooster Fic

Jeeves and the Artistic Verisimilitude
If you are willing to suspend just the teensiest bit of disbelief re: the actions of some of the side characters in this fic, I challenge you to find a better executed J/W fic than this one. At a lengthy seven chapters, this novella-length fic sometimes even reads like actual Wodehouse with some of Bertie’s dialogue. Very funny, very sweet. ^_^!

Harry Potter Fic
Note: All fics are H/D unless otherwise listed.

Potter Slash Archive
A pretty extensive archive of Harry and James Potter-related slash.

Love Under Will
One of the absolute BEST H/D fics I’ve read EVER…unfortunately, it is an abandoned project, so you have to sort of invent your own ending. But all the bits before it are awesome in the extreme. Liek whoa.

Seamus is Seamus…and You Are Yourself
Perhaps not the BEST H/D fic I’ve ever read, but it makes an honest run for the funniest. I have rarely ever laughed out loud while reading fics, but this one had me dying with some of the dialogue. Enjoy!

Beautiful World
There have only been two fics I’ve EVER read EEEEVER that have made me misty-eyed and heart-achey by the end of them. This is one of them. Beautiful buildup, and absolutely heart-breaking premise.

Beneath You
The end of it, honestly, does get a little soppy, if I recall. However, the rest of MORE than makes up for it! This is a pretty interesting fic with an interesting twist and excellent dialogue.

Irresistible Poison
Draco tries to make himself invisible but instead…well, you get the idea. It IS a slash fic, after all. Shows a very interesting character dynamic between Harry and Draco, especially Draco.

House Fic

Heroes Fic

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fic

Pirates of the Caribbean Fic



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