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Leg 4: St. Paddy’s Day and Other Pre-Break Shenanigans 04/13/2010

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Wow…I suck at updates.

Sorry folks! Didn’t mean to leave you hanging! As it is, it’s been nearly a month with no real updates (outside of my apologetic Filler note last time), and likely now that I have a bit of time to sit down and do it, you’ll be completely inundated with the things in the coming days, due in large part to the massive number of pictures I took over Easter break!

First though, important business must be addressed: I don’t believe I’ve yet blogged about St. Patrick’s Day here in Northern Ireland. I can’t simply skip Paddy’s Day to fill you in on all the Easter break goodies, now can I? No, definitely not. ^_^!

I will try to keep this brief…but you know how THAT normally turns out. :P Anywho, it goes down like this:

On Monday the 15th (still sore from all the surfing from the day before) I gave a presentation for one of my classes, which went pretty well overall, I felt. I had a paper I needed to work on…but instead I napped. Like you do. And when I was done napping…yeah, I didn’t work on the paper then either. I went to the Anchor to see Idil sing!

Idil and Otto at the Anchor.

Here's Idil hosting her now customary Monday night open-mic at the Anchor!

And, of course, I had a squiffy good time there, having met up with Anita, Owen, Grace, Michelle and several other people I knew (including the roommates I went there with, lol)! Good times!

Tuesday the 16th was a lazy day. I felt a bit under the weather (not because of drunken shenanigans…just under the weather) and spent the day indoors, working on paper sources and piecing together some bits of my essay that was due Thursday. But by that evening, I was feeling better and, of course, had to go celebrate Grace’s birthday!

Grace with Otto at Club Aura.

Here's the birthday girl Grace with Otto at Club Aura! (That's the upstairs club part of the Anchor pub you've heard me yak about so much.)

...oh no.

...No. Just...no. **goes off to weep for poor Otto's tentacles!**

Here's Grace and me!

Here's Grace and me!!

Group at the Club.

Obligatory group shot! (Anita is conspicuously missing from the shot!)

So that was also quite fun, but did little in the way of “me finishing my paper due Thursday”. And if that did little to help…then you KNOW what the next day was, yeah?

Wednesday March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. In NORTHERN IRELAND. Oh yeah. ^_^!

Actually, my day was significantly quieter than most everyone else I talked to, probably because of that spooty paper! My roommates went to Dublin for the festivities there, but my celebration was a little more local, and still quite fun!

A couple of friends of mine had rented, of all things, a bouncy castle for the day. Can you believe it!? I hadn’t been on a bouncy castle in YEARS! So the grand plan for the day was load up on beer and spirits and play in the bouncy castle while wearing funny hats. Good times! But I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves, shall I?

Chris in a shamrock hat.

Here's Chris in a WKD shamrock hat.

Here's Mark!

Here's Mark in his frosty Guinness hat inside the bouncy castle!

Otto on the castle.

Otto in the bouncy castle!

Anto and Otto.

Anto offers Otto some chartreuse...I'd say he respectfully declined!

Otto and me.

Here's Otto and me (in a funny hat, no less!) inside the bouncy castle!

Otto with his surrogate parents.

Here's Otto with his surrogate parents, Chris and Mark. ^_^!

Otto with the group!

Here's Otto with Chris, Mark, and Andrew!

Maria, Steven and Otto.

...No comment I make here will do this picture any justice. :P

Otto and Anto.

Here's Anto (now in a funny hat) still offering Otto some chartreuse...still don't think he drank it! That stuff is quite odd-tasting, and the Admiral is an octopus of a very singular taste.

Helen and Otto.

A nice picture of Helen and Otto.

Otto and his Daddies.

Here's Otto again with his two daddies, Chris and Mark. (For the record, no they're not dating. They just both seem to love Otto, lol.)

Otto drinking a Desperado.

Admiral Otto! What a lush you've become!

Shauna and Otto.

Here's Shauna with Otto!

So we played on the bouncy castle for several hours in the afternoon, until the time came for us to order food. So after some delightfully tasty Chinese food, it was, unfortunately, time for me to go back home to work on my essay.

But I napped instead.

But it was a very short nap! Only about an hour! And then I had to buckle down and do that paper! So, in my usual fashion…I pulled an all-nighter and had it done by morning. Yes. I realize I suck for having pulled an all-night essay writing session on St. Paddy’s Day, but in my defense, that professor of mine, awesome though he is, was completely horrid for scheduling the papers to be due that day. Had it been the week before, or the week after, it would have been completely doable! But meh, I got it done anyway, and I even had a nice breakfast and went to class the next day. So yeah.

And that evening we had dinner with Joan again! She made a delicious Irish stew and, as per usual, we were stuffed like geese by the end of the evening. ^_^! It was a splendid time, and afterwards, I went back home and slept for the first time in about 36 hours.

Friday the 19th I did NOTHING of note, and Saturday and Sunday fared little better. Sorry, but my life cannot always be a fantastic whirl of activity. I’m just boring that way. On Monday the 22nd, I went to class and watched Kill Bill at Mark’s (the RA) flat. Tuesday Declan and I attempted to watch “A Very Potter Musical” on YouTube, but the connection was slow and I was sleepy, so that didn’t last long.

Wednesday, though, I woke up early (early for me being like 8:30am or so) and went to go get my hair done in Portstewart. What a great day! The lady who cut my hair was very nice! After we picked out a color for my hair (about that same as it’s been for the past while, in case you wondered) I told her that I honestly didn’t know what to do with my hair at that point. I want to grow it out a little, but I don’t want it to look like a mullet while it does.

As if reading my mind, she said that the look would be much easier to pull off if my hair wasn’t so cursedly thick, so after cutting my hair into a reasonable style and location, the darling woman went through with thinning scissors and removed roughly a small Pomeranian’s worth of hair from my head without doing a THING to the length. I had REALLY thick hair. But it’s thinned out a bit now! Huzzah!

One problem I encountered was that of eyebrows; she said she wouldn’t dye them. I knew, vaguely, that some stylists won’t put dye on eyebrows, but no one has ever NOT done it before, which left me at something of a loss. Lucky me, there was a beauty salon next door who did! Woot!

After killing time for a few hours wandering around Portstewart and eating lunch at a tasty place called The Harbour Cafe, I wandered back to the beauty salon (conveniently located RIGHT next to where I got my hair cut) and signed up for the full package: eyebrow and eyelash tint and an eyebrow wax.

Now…I have never had my eyebrows waxed before this. And let me tell you…it wasn’t half bad. It was actually way less painful than yanking the suckers out one at a time! So this may just have to be the way I do things when they get too unruly in the future. The eyebrow tinting really only darkened them a bit (didn’t make them red, unfortunately) but the eyelash tinting was probably the coolest thing EVER. My eyelashes are usually blonde, and therefore invisible until after applying mascara. Not so with tinted eyelashes! This is awesome! It gives me an excuse to be EVEN LAZIER in my makeup regimen! YES! ^_^!

So Wednesday was a good day, particularly because after this pamper-fest, I went out for coffee with Ruth and John from International Friends. They’re both quite nice, and they’re both huge golf fans and wanted to hear all about Augusta. That was a nice day.

Thursday the 25th would prove to be fairly interesting! Katie and I went to the Student Union to catch the student election results and meet up with some folks, after which time we headed back to Mark’s for pre-Anchor cocktails. I had a few, but Katie had A LOT, which was immediately evident upon our arrival at the Anchor later that evening. We had been there something under fifteen minutes when it was clear that she needed to go home and rest, and so we did just that.

Friday was a laid back kind of fun. I slept in, I packed a bit, I walked to the clinic to check for strep throat (I didn’t have it, my throat was just scratchy from the seasonal change) and I had the most delicious chicken sandwich from the Superfry! It was delightful! After returning, Declan came over and we watched crap on YouTube and swapped music! Good times!

And now we’re homing in on the big event: Easter break. THAT post is definitely going to have to be broken down into chunks, and I don’t really want to start that process this evening. It will be an epic three parter in the tradition of Lord of the Rings, I fear. (Well, nowhere as cool as Lord of the Rings, but arguably just as nerdy.)

Anywho, I can’t really get into Saturday without starting the Easter break post, so I think this is where I stop for today. Suffice to say that Saturday morning I packed for real, having had to get to Belfast the night before in order to catch my early Sunday flight. But more on that in the next post! Farewell! Sorry for my laggy updates, but be prepared for a flood over the next week or so! Thanks for reading!



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