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Leg 4: Glorious Activity at Last! 03/18/2010

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VIVA LA UPDATE! I have finally done some things and taken some pictures worthy of updating this silly, silly blog!

I believe I left off on Friday? Good, well Saturday I did not a whole lot else, but I did go to Coleraine to get some quality shopping done. I had just found out I was going to a sci-fi convention for spring break, you see, and needed to update my wardrobe accordingly.

Anywho, and that evening anyway I went to Shenanigans with my roommates. Good times!

Sunday I SLEPT IN! AGAIN! GET OVER IT! I SLEEP A LOT! Actually, I’ve been sleeping an increasing amount since I got here…possible Irish sleeping sickness…will look into it. :P No, but we (Roomies, Brendan, and I) got up and went to McDonald’s in Coleraine (a treat, as it’s too far to walk to, even from Coleraine) and then went up to Portrush to have coffee at 55 North, a nice joint overlooking the sea.

Katie, Brendan, Otto, and Erin.

Here's Katie, Brendan, Erin and Otto wearing their 'hangover' faces in front of 55 North in Portrush. Gorgeous beach, yeah? But far too cold to swim in!

I stopped in Coleraine briefly on the way back to pick up a few things I’d missed on Saturday, and then headed back home to play on the Internet…until it froze and died on me. *sigh* I love my computer, but occasionally she does show her age. This will not stop me from stuffing more RAM in this baby and continuing to use and love my laptop. Just so you know.

Anyway, since the computer was essentially useless for the rest of the night, Katie and I dropped by Mark’s house (our RA, as a reminder, and because I know more than one Mark now), and watched some TV and relaxed. However, whilst there, I did sample this:

Absinthe and Otto.

Absinthe. And Otto. Hoboy.

Martin saw fit not to inform me that this particular brand of absinthe was 89.9% alcohol until AFTER my throat was on fire. Nice, Martin. Nice. But all whining aside, it was quite nice in a horrible sort of way and I would definitely try it again sometime! Although the lack of green fairies that evening was rather disappointing. :P

Anywho, I have made an attempt to have a busy week so as to entertain blog readers (as well as myself) so here goes!

Monday was a mixed blessing: I woke up early and got ready for class only to slowly and horribly remember that our teacher canceled class for that week so we could work on our essays. Bummer, but in the good way. I went back to sleep…and pretty much did nothing all day. Yeah, pretty much nothing. I did do some laundry…and I went food shopping.

That evening, however, I was double booked! What a wrench! I was meant to go see Idil perform in the Anchor Bar that evening, but I ended up at Anto’s house instead, and hence ended up in Shenanigans instead. I meant to leave around 11:00 to see Idil…but that was before I realized that Mondays at Shenanigans are pub quiz night. For those of you completely unacquainted with me, I LOVE trivia. Love it. Love. It.

Needless to say, I stayed in Shenanigans until closing. ^_^! And Otto made a new friend!

Chriss and Mark with Otto.

Here's Chris and Mark with Otto on his head...as per usual. ^_^!

Chris and Mark with Otto.

Thumbs up!

Otto and beer.

...this whole "Otto and beer" thing is becoming something of a theme in my blog. :P Maybe one day I'll put all the pictures of Otto with alcohol together in a slideshow...it would be a LONG slideshow, lol.

Otto on a beer and Anto on a stool.

Otto on a beer and Anto on a stool--meanwhile, pub quiz going on in background. Good times!

Otto on Anto's head.

You know, when I first started this blog, I wondered to myself. "Self!" thought I, "I wonder how many people I can convince to wear Otto like a hat." Silly me, I thought it'd be more difficult. ^_^!

Chris, Otto, and Mark.

Can you even see Otto poking his head up in the middle there? Here's Chris and Mark again. ^_^!

Kiera and Anto with Otto.

Here's Kiera and Anto with Otto!

Otto with pub food.

Here's Otto atop the complementary pub nibbles they gave us that evening! ^_^!

So Shenanigans was a good time, even if we didn’t ultimately win the pub quiz…there is always another pub quiz. *rubs hands deviously*

Anyway, went to class on Tuesday with no small measure of reluctance…that film class just isn’t doing it for me, unfortunately. But I did skip the film showing and I walked home that day, as it was a fine sunny day and relatively warm.

Went up to Anto’s again that night for a massive BBQ! And when I say “massive” I mean TRUCKLOADS of food, and when I say BBQ…well, I actually mean “lots of cooked food because the grill didn’t work out”. Anyway, delicious anyway you slice it. Anto is the oven and stovetop god of meaty foods! Just look at this bounty!

Otto with the BBQ.

I mean, LOOK at it! And that wasn't even ALL the food! HOMG!

There were burgers, and chicken, and ribs, and even SQUID (which I absolutely at loads of because YUM), and I ate a little of all of it. Everything was fantastic! And then after that, it was off to Havana with the roomies!

Now, this was the first time I’d actually gone upstairs to Havana, but it was a pretty nice place over all! I DID have to pay a cover charge (which sucked and has been the primary reason I’ve avoided the clubs here in the first place), but as it was Ladies’ Night, I received a voucher for a free drink and was privy to a whole host of super-cheap drink specials. So I sat myself down with my Jagerbomb slurpee (they MAKE those! and they’re GREAT!) and took some pictures!

Otto at Havana's.

Here's Otto at Havana's with my Jagerbomb slurpee!

Roommates and Otto!

Now this picture was supposed to be all cute, with all of us going in and giving Otto a wee peck on whatever passes for octopus cheeks, but unfortunately, my camera is strange and I'm bad at self-photos, so it actually just came out off center and kind of dark. Still, fun times!

This night was actually a pretty action packed one, not that you can really tell from the pics, unfortunately. After a stay at Havana to the point that we felt like we’d had enough cheap drinks to excuse the sky-high cover charge, the three of us headed over to the Anchor, where everyone else was said to dwell that evening. Turns out it was karaoke night–I didn’t sing, so you know, but one of the other girls there, Sierra, won a t-shirt and was invited back to sing for 500pounds! NEAT! I actually DID sign up for a song, but it was too late, though the nice karaoke man took pity on me and gave me a Corona keychain for volunteering. ALSO NEAT!

After that, I was ready to go home and go to bed, but everyone else was heading to a house party.

*sigh* Peer pressure. Gets you every time. So off to the house party we went, where we largely sat around and schmoozed with a bunch of other people until around 3am, when we finally got the taxi to whisk us back home. It was a pretty good time anyway.

Wednesday (the 10th) I did quite little for much of the day (as I have no class on Wednesday), but went out to Havana again to watch the Man U vs. AC Milan match with Declan that evening. (No pics, sorry.) Afterwards, we headed over to his friend Jodi’s house before heading back to my place…

…which was full of Americans! Yes, roomies had over Austin, Steven, and his friend Charlie (visiting from Germany, where he’s studying abroad), which was a pretty good time. We watched Dr. Horrible and other things on the Internet until the wee hours of the morning, at which point the taxis had stopped running and so they crashed in our living room. But I suppose that’s the point of a living room, and anyway our couch is pretty comfy. ^_^!

Direct and horrible consequence of staying up entertaining until about 4:30 in the morning is that you generally don’t want to go to class the next day. So…I didn’t. But before you judge me, it was a class on sport, and I don’t watch sports, and since I’m not doing my paper on sports, it will never be relevant to me EVER. So there. I slept in. AGAIN. Hah. ^_^!

But Thursday was not devoid of activity, no no! That was Marten’s going away party at the Anchor! Marten is the wonderful dude who used to live in my room, and on Tuesday he left Portstewart. *tear* But his send-off was an admirable one! Thursday was a pretty great night!

Marten, Michelle, and Otto.

Here's Marten and Michelle with Otto at the Anchor!

Bartender and Otto.

Our friendly neighborhood Anchor bartender with Otto! ^_^!

So we stayed at the Anchor until closing…at which point we moved promptly upstairs to continue the reveling until the UPSTAIRS bar closed. And as it happens, it was Otto’s biggest fan’s birthday (that would be Mark :P) that day, and we just happened to run into him!

Otto at the Aura.

Otto gets his groove on at Club Aura.

More dancing!

And more dancing!

Bob and Otto.

Bob gets cozy with Otto!

Mark, Otto, and Jess.

O_o;;;;; ...oh sweet Jesus. *goes off to scrub Mark germs off of Otto's plushy plush* Jess looks positively scandalized! (As was I!)

Otto, Mark, and Jess.

A far more appropriate form of mouth-Otto contact. Kissing Otto is encouraged! ^_^!

Otto in Jess' shirt.

Here's Otto in Jess' cleavage. Meh, it happens. ^_^!

Catherine, Jess, Bob, Sheena, and Otto!

Catherine, Jess, Bob, Sheena, and Otto at closing time!

And then after that we adjourned back to Jess’ house for a bit before Sheena and Bob so kindly walked me home!

Woke up next morning to discover that Erin was making french toast for everyone. YUM! And she said she didn’t see maple syrup, so instead got something called golden syrup…it was quite good actually! I may get a few cans of it to bring home! ^_^!

Anyway, wasted much of the day on the computer, but went out with Joan to Irish music night, which turned out to be more than that anyway! We heard some songs, we were encouraged to sing songs, and we even had a visit from St. Patrick himself!

St. Patrick

Here's St. Patrick, come to tell us his life story! He's actually not Irish--he's WELSH, and he wants you to know that. ^_^!

So it was quite a fun night overall! ^_^!

And then Saturday, I just hung out with Declan and watched movies. He’d managed to get hold of an X-Box with a region free DVD player built into it, so I got him to watch some of the movies I brought with me (Coming to America, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, My Best Friend is a Vampire, and the first episode of Breaking Bad) and he brought out Empire Records, which horrifyingly enough, I’d never seen before. But it was REALLY good. ^_^!

On Sunday I went SURFING. Yes. You heard me. I surfed at Portstewart Strand with Marten and James! (I don’t have any pictures, but trust me, I plan on harassing Marten until he mails me the one he took of me in the ill-fitting wetsuit, lol) I wiped out a fair bit, largely owing to the fact that the shoes were infinitely too big and filled up with heavy water…making it hard to jump up on a surfboard. Still, it was pretty fun! I’ll try to include the picture in a later post somewhere.

Anywho, I was just going to trudge on and do the first two days of this week so I could devote a whole post to St. Paddy’s day…but I think this long, LONG post has stolen quite enough of your time, so I will include them in the next post instead. Thanks for reading! Later!! ^_^!



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