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Leg 4: Two Weeks of Utter Sloth 03/06/2010

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I knew this was going to happen. I knew I’d get lazy and not update the blog! But, in my defense, not a great deal has happened in these past two weeks since returning from London…ESPECIALLY this past week. Does that make me a slacker? Probably. But you knew that already, so it really is silly to be surprised by this. ^_^! Also, it’s REALLY hard to top London in sheer terms of awesome. So…this will be a rather boring post, with not a lot of pictures, and not a lot of fun. But…at least I updated! That’s something…right?

Anywho, let’s take this two-week down period list-style, since I lack a great deal of pictures and interesting information. We left off on Sunday, Feb. 21, as that was when I got back from Ireland. So…let’s start with Monday.

Monday, Feb. 22, 2010
-Skipped lecture in the morning to go eat an Ulster fry with host mom Joan and her son Mark. Before the lectures about skipping class roll in, Mark was going back to Poland the next day, where presumably we may never meet again. I’m here for the experience as well as the classes, and in this particular instance, experience won out over class. So nyeh. Also, I copied the notes from Heather and made it to seminar later in the afternoon…double nyeh. :P

Otto and the Fry.

Otto and the Fry. YUM!

Roommates with Otto and the Fry!

Roommates Erin and Katie with Otto and their own respective Fry!

-Went home after class and essentially chilled out until around 7pm or so. Then went over to Anto’s and spent the next two hours or so doodling on ourselves with UV paint for the Student Union’s UV party.
-And then the UV Party itself! It really is better if the pictures just speak for themselves:

Andrew and Conor at the UV Party.

Here's Andrew and Conor at the UV Party. They were both painting themselves for HOURS before this!

Devin at the UV Party.

Here's Devin (hope I spelled that right) at the UV Party. He worked forever on his paint as well!

Here's me with my UV devil paint.

Somewhere along the course of the night, after I had finished painting really cool designs on my hands (you'll see! they're cool!), it entered my head that I wasn't nearly painty enough. So I painted on a mustache...and then added a goatee, some spooky eyebrows, and even UV paint eyeliner. The result? UV Orange Mephistopholes. My face paint was AWESOME. ^_^!

Anto with spooky red UV eyes.

Alright, I have no idea where Anto got red UV-reactive contact lenses, only that when the light hit them right, they looked really, really cool. Or really, really scary, depending on the perspective, I suppose. And it didn't help that he painted his hair with UV blue paint so it glowed grey. :P

Anto and Otto at the UV Party.

Here's a somewhat less demonic-looking Anto brandishing Otto (who was also UV reactive--who knew?) for the camera. ^_^!

My left hand and Otto.

Remember those cool paint designs on my hands I told you about? Here's the one on my left hand (and Otto).

My right hand.

And here's the one on my right hand (which was A LOT harder to do, but still turned out pretty nicely) with Otto. ^_^!

Mark with Otto on a crotch balloon.

Here's Mark (who would probably be first in line were I to start a cult of Otto--seriously, he loves the little guy) with Otto on his...for lack of a better word, his UV crotch balloon. I think someone actually stole that balloon later that evening. But that's a strange tale to haunt someone else's imagination, not mine. :P

Me and Otto at the UV Party.

Well, I HAD to get a picture of me and Otto! And by this time, someone had whipped out the UV orange Post-It notes, so I had little horns as well. Whee, glowy orange devil! That was an interesting night, lol.

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010
-Slept in. Did laundry.
-Went to class…was boring. This Film class is getting increasingly boring, while the other ones are only getting cooler.
-“Skipped” film showing (I say this because I didn’t go, assuming I’d missed it, but found out that the professor hadn’t actually shown up to show the film…so I didn’t actually miss anything, bwa ha!) and went home to watch the OTHER film I skipped on YouTube.
-Considered going to Anchor…went to Tesco’s instead. Played on computer and fell asleep.

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010
-Did VERY LITTLE during the day. No class, so I made research notes for my two papers coming up and generally didn’t leave the house. (It was cold and yucky anyway.)
-At about 8pm, though, took a taxi to Portrush for Maria’s going-away party (she was going back to Germany the next morning). Had a handle of absolutely disgusting rum and then went to Kelly’s.

Kelly's in Portrush.

Shot of Kelly's in Portrush, so you know what it looks like. This is but one of Kelly's many, MANY rooms and floors. The place is kind of massive, lol.

Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010
-Woke up hungover. You expected different? A handle of absolutely disgusting rum? But I got to class on time anyway, even though back of mouth tasted, inexplicably, like rotten milk. Am swearing off rum.
-Did more research after class for upcoming paper. Found some interesting books as jumping off point. Good times.
-Began love-affair with the Student Union sandwich bar’s paninis after taking a chance and ordering one instead of simply grabbing one of the ready made sandwiches. They’re almost too delicious to be allowed, and this is coming from a person who doesn’t care for sandwiches.
-Went over to Heather’s house later that evening to watch Harry Potter 6 and hang out. Ended up watching neat crap on the Internet until about 1am, when the hour and the drama (there were folks having a very interesting night popping in and out of her house) facilitated a return home.
-Roommates got home kinda drunk about 15 minutes after me with takeaway. Shared chips and stories, and then went to sleep.

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010
-Weather sucked, so woke up and did little else for the entirety of the day.
-BUT! It was Erin’s birthday (one of my housemates, for those of you out of the loop) and at about 10 or so we got dolled up and went to Shenanigan’s for celebratory birthday drinks.

Erin, Brendan, and Otto.

Here's Erin and Brendan making nice with Otto at Shenanigans!

The lot of us with Otto at Shenanigans.

Here's everyone (except Sam, who I think was taking the photo) at Shenanigans with Otto on Erin's 20th birthday! ^_^!

-Returned home for more celebration (and only the slightest touch of drama) until I ushered the last of the guests out at about 4am. And then sleep. GLORIOUS sleep.

Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010
-Slept in. For reals.
-However, weather was far too glorious to remain indoors all day, so called Declan and went into Coleraine to wander around. Bought an electric kettle. Happy days.
-Went home, had pizza for dinner. Mmmmm.
-Hung out with Declan and watched Eddie Izzard stand-up DVDs. Made it through first one okay, but we were both falling asleep by the second one, so went home with a stack of comic books Declan let me borrow and slept for real.

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010
-SLEPT IN. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)
-Nothing of note occurred, unless you count me devouring the first five volumes of Transmetropolitan. That is an AWESOME comic!
-Tested new electric kettle. It works! And it makes awesome tea.
-Had a quesadilla and updated blog.
-The end. :P

NOW MARCH, and the beginning of the week I didn’t do ANYTHING. For those of you who’ve stuck with it thus far and are starting to go, “HOMG, boring! Didn’t Jenn do ANYTHING cool?”, be warned: the answer is no. No, I did NOT do anything cool so far in the month of March. If ye be weak of constitution, turn ye back now. Yaaargh.

Monday, Mar. 1, 2010
-Class in morning. Research afterwards.
-Panini for lunch. DELICIOUS.
-Went home and stayed home for remainder of evening. Talked to Jerry and read cracked.com for HOURS. For those of you unfamiliar with cracked.com, I recommend you go there, because it’s awesome, but I recommend that you NOT go there if you have a lot of work to do…because it will eat your brain for several hours AT LEAST. ^_^!

Tuesday, Mar. 2, 2010
-Slept in. Like you do.
-Barely made it to class, due to desire NOT to go. But stayed for film showing this week: The Boxer. Took place in Belfast. Interesting movie…still don’t know if I liked it or not.
-Went home.
-Thought about going to Anchor…didn’t. Went over to Mark’s instead and watched Knocked Up. Then bed.

Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2010
-Paper for Television and Popular Culture due Thursday. Decided to make huge breakfast to prepare myself, an attempted an Ulster fry, complete with sausages, bacon, potato bread, beans, and eggs.

My fry and Otto.

Otto with my fry!! (Well, this is actually the fry leftovers I had for dinner the next evening...which is why there's no potato bread on the plate. But that's ABOUT what it looked like. And it was pretty tasty!)

-Too much food for one person, so had Declan over to share sausages and beans. Breakfast was good, even though it was more like lunch at that point.
-Declan got out iPod and showe me the UK Mr. T Snickers commercials. If you haven’t seen them yet…go. Watch them on YouTube. They’re FABULOUS.
-Watched Mr. T Snickers commercials on YouTube instead of writing paper. Talked to Jerry instead of writing paper. WASHED the DISHES (ALL OF THEM) instead of writing paper. Pretty much did everything EXCEPT write paper due the next day. For some reason, it just seemed less important than cleaning a pan I never use anyway. Funny how brains work, huh?
-Finally STARTED paper at about 2am. Was on a good roll until roommates came in from pub. Said hello, then returned to paper. Finished around 4am, then sleep.

Thursday, Mar. 4, 2010
-Woke up before alarm, despite tiny amount of sleep. I think I may store sleep like a camel–all the sleeping in I do adds up, and I can wake up early on days I need to. Awesome!
-Went to make tea only to find we had no electricity. Bummer. Had to wait to get to school for caffeine fix. Had a Hammerhead, which is basically coffee+espresso+espresso. Awww, yeah.
-Made it through the day with remarkable ease. Had yet another panini for lunch. Delicious, delicious panini. Thinking of starting SU sandwich bar panini fan club…don’t think I’d be alone in this endeavor.
-Went to the wrong seminar (early one by accident) but didn’t matter. Got to go home early, anyway. Day was beautiful, so I walked home–took about 40 minutes.
-Had nap. Like you do. Maybe I should reconsider that “storing sleep” thing. :P
-Woke up and realized I’d slept through dinner. Oh well. Talked to mom on telephone and Jerry on internet. Had leftover breakfast for midnight dinner–good times! Then went back to bed. :P

Friday, Mar. 5, 2010
-LITERALLY did not leave the house the WHOLE day. Spent the whole day either on the Internet or on the phone with people. On the plus side, though, I’ve got my flight booked for spring break, and I’ve got my tickets for Odyssey 2010 booked! Sci-fi con here I come, baby! ^_^! Ask me about my nerd obsessions!

And that, ladies and gents, is my recap of these past two weeks where I didn’t do ANYTHING. And if you stuck around to read all of this…I pity you. Sorry. Blogs are supposed to be fun and exciting! I have done surprisingly little that is fun OR exciting over the past two weeks. So…yeah.

I hope YOUR past two weeks were a little more interesting! Stay tuned! I’ll try to actually DO crap for the next post! ^_^! Have a great week!



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