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Leg 4: Dinner, Mystery, and Glorious Weather in NI. 02/11/2010

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At my last catch-up, I believe I had tempted you all with the tasty notion of international food…and here it is! (I made chili to bring, btw!)

Otto and the Food Table.

Here's Otto with one of the two food tables at the Greeks' (no, not fraternity Greek--they're actually FROM Greece) house where the big international food swap shindig went down. Tasty stuff!

Otto and Me!

Here's Otto and me! Yeah, pic is dark, but it was in the hallway, lol.

Otto with some people and a guitar. ^_^!

So as the night wore on, some of us ended up in the nearly abandoned living room and decided to have a jam session. Since neither me (nor possibly Marten, but I'm not 100%) could play, we mostly just listened to Idil and Richard pass the guitar back and forth and sing. They were both quite good! ^_^! (P.S. Idil is the girl, Marten is the guy in back, and Richard's the guy with the guitar. And then there's Otto. ^_^)

So that dinner party was a lot of fun! And as luck would have it, that was Sunday night, and I got back in plenty of time to catch the last half of the Super Bowl on BBC! (Unfortunately, no awesome Super Bowl commercials made it over here, but I got to see both The Who and the Saints win hardcore-like, so it was nice anyway!)

So Monday was a little bleak because the Super Bowl didn’t end for quite awhile and I have a 9:15 class. Ew. It’s a good thing the class is interesting, or I’d be DOOMED. But anyway, as I was doing my reading for seminar, I ran into another girl from my class called Heather, and we ended up chatting and eating lunch together. She’s a Harry Potter fan! Yes! ^_^! And she was kind enough to give me a lift home as well, which ups her already admirable cool quotient by a considerable margin.

Later that night, I ended up back at Uni (everyone here calls University of Ulster “Uni”, so for the sake of brevity, I will also adopt this, lol) for the Ann Summers party! Now, I did not know what an Ann Summers party was before Monday, but it was interesting! We played games and talked about the products (lingerie!) and generally had a pretty great time!

Otto and Chantal

Otto with our friendly neighborhood Ann Summers lady, Chantal and her bulletin board of lingerie!

And after that was…The Full Monty! Yes, a couple of guys from campus stripped to their boxers and danced for Haiti relief. It was pretty funny! I have no pictures of that though; sorry folks!

Anywho, as I was about to leave, I instead ran into a huge group of people I knew and instead sat with them for the evening. Hilarity and odd times ensued!

Cat, Quigg, Otto, and Cat.

Here's Cat, Quigg (with Otto and his head) and...also Cat. ^_^!

Otto and the Duke.

Here's Otto with the giant poster of John Wayne that is inexplicably on the wall of the Uni-Bar.

Mark, Otto, and Cat.

Here's Mark and Cat hanging out with Otto!

Mark making Otto dance.

Here's Mark making Otto dance. But if you thought THAT was good...check the YouTube videos below. ^_^!

And Mark wasn’t the only one making Otto dance!

And finally:

Me, Otto, and Mark.

It made sense: I think the only person on earth who is more enamored with Otto is Mark, lol. Here's Mark and me posing with Otto for the camera. Funny story: Mark wore Otto on his head for nearly the full night, lol. And he kept calling him "Tim", even going so far as to "baptize" him as Tim with his beer. Still, he's OTTO! :P

So that was a really fun evening! But as for the Mystery part of the title…that would come the next day.

Tuesday night (well, really, there’s stuff going on all week, but Tuesday was the big one) was the Raise and Give (RAG) Mystery Tour put on by the Student Union. Basically, we bought a ticket, and they would put us on a bus and drive us to a random club somewhere in Ireland for the evening to make with the dancing and the merry-making.

Erin, Katie (my roommates), and I all went over to James’ house to meet up with other people we were taking the bus with, and then we all went to the Student Union to wait for the buses to load!

Maria and me.

Here's Maria and me waiting for the bus. Yes, I know Otto isn't here, but it's a fun picture anyway. :P

Otto in the Student Union.

Here's Otto and the big crowd of students milling around the Student Union waiting to hop on the buses!

And after that, we all got on the bus. The bus ride itself was probably about as good as the club itself! You got to meet new people, chat and have fun with the old, and drink “fruit juice” or “water” out of plastic containers, lol.

Anyway, we got to the club and it turned out to be a nightclub called The Elk in Toomebridge in Co. Antrim (about an hour or so drive away). I don’t even like dancing that much and I still had a good time!

Otto at The Elk.

Here's Otto on the dance floor at The Elk!

Otto at the club.

Here's Otto off the dance floor! ^_^!

Maria and Otto.

Here's Maria with Otto! It was kind of dark, so you can't really see him--except his cheeks glow in the blacklight! ^_^!

Otto and the club.

And here's ONE MORE dance floor shot before I pack it in....

…okay, I lied. Here’s video of Otto at the club! (Although, just so you know, the last 30 seconds is totally unnecessary film, so unless you like watching club scenes, you can just skip the end bit, lol.)

Maria, Otto, and Me.

Here's Maria, Otto, and me. Look really close between our heads--see his cheeks? ^_^!

Jessica and Otto

Though you can barely see them both because of the darkness (and I HATE using my flash because it ruins pictures), here is Jessica with Otto at The Elk!


This is sort of an odd shot--I have no idea what I was doing when Jessica took this picture, but I look appropriately happy enough that I wanted to include it. ^_^!

So that was the Mystery Tour! And it was excellent, even though I didn’t get back until nearly 3am!! And then the fire alarm went off because Erin tried to make pizza and our oven is stupid and hates to cook pizza! ^_^! So I was just overjoyed that I didn’t have class on Wednesday and got to sleep in pretty late, lol. Actually Wednesday I didn’t do a whole lot during the day, though at night I went over to Declan’s and we watched _Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog_ and an episode of _30 Rock_, which I had never watched before, but really love now, lol.

So about the only real thing of note other than that is…the weather. For the past three days or so, the weather has been…good. Suspiciously good. Like…something is waiting around the corner, good. But while I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, I will enjoy the nice weather of the past three days (and hope that it continues for at least a little while longer!)

Otto and the view.

Here's Otto with the view from one of the balconies at my Uni in the background. Isn't it sunny? And beautiful? And gorgeous? And you can see fields and the river? This is making me really, really nervous...like the weather's going to go bonkers at any minute now that it's lulled us into a false sense of security.

Otto and the view of the river.

Otto may be a little blurry here, but if you look behind him there is a gorgeous shot of the River Bann. Freakishly good weather! ^_^!

Alrighty, I think that’s about all I have for the moment! Although, I am going to Sligo with the Surfing Club this weekend! Should be a blast, and there should be lots of opportunities for some Otto-shots! Will keep updating! Thanks everyone! ^_^!

P.S. Also, as of this Sunday, Jerry and I will have been together for five years. I say this not because you all care, but because I think it’s kind of awesome. And it’s my blog, and I can put what I want on it. So nyeh. ^_^! Love you all! Keep reading!!


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