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Leg 4: Playing Catch-up – Highlights from Late January/Early February 02/07/2010

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Okay, I have let myself get a bit behind on this blog. Not CRAZY behind…but behind enough. I started the blog to be fun with travel updates and the like, and so far, all it seems like is I’m giving you a laundry list of crap I did with photos to accompany. And while this is all well and good SOMETIMES…I’d really like to make this blog about more than simply “Otto and I went here, here, and here, and it was rather awesome.”

SO! Today is catch-up day! Yes it is! I will blow through the highlights of the past week or so, and hopefully I can start updating more regularly with more interesting things from time to time. Deal? Yeah, I hope so. ^_^!

We left off at Giant’s Causeway and that later evening! So now…

Thursday, Jan. 28:
-Woken by strange repairman at 8:00am, but was grateful for this, as wouldn’t have made it to class without it–forgot to turn alarm on, yikes!
-Class was Television and Popular Culture, and it will be AWESOME.
-Later that evening, 2-for-1 cocktails as Shenanigan’s. I had a Zombie, which was alright.
-After drinks, went to Anchor Bar to watch Irish music. Met students from University of Dundee in Scotland and I met the musicians! Rule!

Friday, Jan. 29:
-Woke up, went to Tesco’s. No class today–bought food instead.
-Did laundry. Met guy named Michael in laundry room who let me borrow book called _The Overlook_ by Michael Connelly after seeing me reading in the laundry room. Nice guy!
-Finished my current book _Wizard’s First Rule_ by Terry Goodkind. Accomplishment, as book is ginormous!
-Basically just chilled out.

Saturday, Jan. 30:
-Went into Coleraine to look around/shop winter closeouts. Met up with some other international students from campus. Bought nice warm pair of gloves, belt, leggings, and put in an order for the second Sword of Truth novel. (First was the one I finished yesterday, lol.)

Otto with a Chai Tea Latte.

Here's Otto with the super-fancy chai tea latte I got at Ground Coffee, a local coffee chain. See the fancy leaf on top? That's some serious latte skill, right there. ^_^!

Otto with Leah and Irene.

At some point during the day, we ended up in an O2 (a cell company) store so folks could top up their phones. While waiting, I snapped a quick pic of Otto with Leah and Irene. ^_^!

-Went to Tesco’s in Coleraine–bought more food, as Tesco’s in Coleraine is way bigger and has more stuff. ^_^!
-Was starving by the time I got home, so got take-away instead of attempting to cook. Got sausage with chips(fries), gravy, and peas. Not bad, though sausage was kind of bland.

Otto at Gareth's.

Otto here with the Gareth's sign. Gareth's is a take-away (that's North Irish for take-out restaurant--normally standing room only!) that is just down the street from my housing establishment. And they are tasty. Oh boy, are they tasty. ^_^! Will be in chips-with-gravy withdrawal upon returning to the US, lol.

-Found out that Domino’s in Northern Ireland is a humongous rip-off. Their 3-for-5 deal is bogus! The pizzas are tiny, and you pay 5.55pounds, which is like $8! Meh!


Total. Ripoff. (At least in the UK--is awesome in US! ^_^!)

Sunday, Jan. 31:
-Walked to Portstewart for first time. Wee tiny, but next to beach, so AWESOME. Most things closed, as was Sunday.
-Did little else all day. Was awesome.

And since I did nothing else, here are pics of the exterior of my apartment! Yay!!!

Exterior of my apartment.

Aren't the bright doors fun? The yellow one is mine! ^_^!

Otto with my yellow door.

Here's Otto with my yellow apartment door!

AND NOW! February!!!

Monday, Feb. 1
-Missed bus because of evil Irish toilet. Takes about five minutes and twenty tries to decide to flush. Grrr. But made second bus, and therefore was not late to class.
-Have discovered that Irish school is much less demanding than American school–was able to get ALL of my seminar reading done between when the lecture ended and the seminar began. Nice!
-Had dinner with host-mum Joan and her husband John. She made us lovely mango chicken with potatoes, rice, and veggies, and then there was pie…and biscuits (N.Irish for “cookie-like objects that you eat with tea”). Have not been that stuffed since I arrived in NI, lol.

Tuesday, Feb. 2:
-Got to sleep in, because class is in the afternoon. HOWEVER, class was also canceled…so got there three hours early. Hung out with Anto until class started, lol.
-Class confusion regarding teacher taking over for sick collegue; is sorted out now. Film showing was friggin’ weird movie called _Sans Soleil_ and made nearly no sense. Will not be repeat-viewing that one, lol.
-Went to Anto’s birthday party that evening! Was a good time!

Anto's birthday cake.

No Otto in this picture, but there is an Anto! The lit cake at Anto's birthday party.

Wednesday, Feb. 3:
-No class that day. Was going to go to Derry for day-trip, but decided to sleep in instead, as party went late. Also…it friggin’ SNOWED. :P Still, can’t complain considering state of Mid-Atlantic at present. Sorry guys!

Otto and snow.

Otto may be blurry here, but the snow falling on the wall outside my window is not.

-Watched South Park movie. Still awesome.
-Wrangled with our scary oven for the first time to make Chicken Kiev. Oven seems permanently set on broil and cooks only from the top, making baking impossible. Managed not to ruin chicken by flipping them over half-way through cooking. Was good chicken!
-Went to Tesco’s to find dessert. Chocolate cake thing was super-bland, but you can’t go wrong with Haagen-Daas cookie dough, lol.

Thursday, Feb. 4:
-Made it to class on time, no thanks to demon toilet.
-Found out that the LRC on campus has no current fiction. Therefore, went to used bookstore to pick up some books for cheap so I don’t go stir-crazy between lecture (9:15-11:00) and seminar (3:15-4:00).
-Met up with Anto to kill time–played flash games in computing center, lol.
-Found out Declan (my nerd friend!) is my seminar teacher, which is supremely awesome.
-Went to Shenanigan’s for 2-for-1 cocktails with Declan and met up with roommates and load of guys from town, including Martin. Fun and interesting times!

Otto and Declan.

Declan getting just a wee bit too cozy with the Admiral... ^_^!

Martin with Otto.

Martin holding Otto (very reluctantly--I had to ask very nicely!) at Shenanigans.

Friday, Feb. 5:
-Woken early by drunk roomies, lol. Therefore, too tired to do much of anything during the day, and ended up napping/lounging until late in the afternoon.
-Stopped by Mark’s to say hello for a bit!
-Went to “Black Party” at Lydia’s house–a party where I had to wear all black clothing. Problem at first, as I did not bring any. Lucky me, someone left a black shirt here from before, and I was able to wear that. ^_^! FUN TIMES! Met a load of neat new people, mostly international students that I hadn’t met yet! (Also did not not take pictures, unfortunately. Wanted to travel light!)

Saturday, Feb. 6:
-Woke up late due to hangover. All my fault, really. :P Therefore, did not do too much.
-Played on Internet and talked to Jerry before going to make dinner. Cooked MORE chicken with scary oven. Chicken was tasty! Have some left over for possible wraps and chicken parmesan?
-Went to big ceildh dancing event in Coleraine with host-mum Joan and other international students. Big crowd! Never thought I’d enjoy line-dancing, but it was a good time!

Irene, Shawn, and Otto.

This is Shawn (my line-dance partner for the majority of the evening) and his wife Irene, who sportingly agreed to pose with Otto! They run the B&B up the road from me! ^_^!

Otto, Ruth, and Swothi

Here is Otto with Ruth and Swothi (ye gods, I don't know if I spelled that right, but pronounced "zwot-hee"), some really nice people I met at Ceildh dancing! ^_^!

Sunday, Feb. 7:
-Woke up late (again), this time because I was tired, lol.
-Tried to catch bus–failure. Apparently buses are scarce on Sunday. Decided to go do laundry and wait for next bus into town. Wanted to go to Tesco’s in Coleraine to pick up bacon, maple syrup, and corn meal to make johnnycakes for international food night this evening.
-Did laundry, was not dry, but had to hurry to the bus! Still missed rare bus by one minute. Gave up on johnnycakes and decided to make chili instead–much easier, and Tesco’s in Portstewart actually had some, lol.

And that’s about where I’m at right now! I will go to the international dinner tonight in Old Mill Grange, and hopefully a future post will yield some pictures!


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Don’t be ragging on my Brand like that!!!

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