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Leg 4: Northern Ireland, Week One (Pt. 1) 01/27/2010

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Alrighty! It has been a very eventful week. Honestly, I could go home right now and still say it would have been worth the trip! But lucky me, I’m here a bit longer than that! ^_^!

So, after that first horrific day, I managed to get electricity and, in doing so, met my RA Mark, who is, point of fact, awesome. He even lent me some clean dishes since the slobs who lived in my temporary digs before me didn’t have any unused ones. He also invited us to the Anchor Bar, a popular pub in town, where we watched some live Irish music. But I’ll let Otto take over from here, shall I?

Otto and Mark

Mark is seen here making Otto look like a huge lush. That pint of Guinness is bigger than he is! ^_^! But as Mark said, he's got to have a drink in the picture! And if you'll look at the face floating near Mark's, that is one of his housemates Marvin, who is also awesome.

Otto with an Irish band in the background.

You see Otto, right? Now look behind him--why yes, those ARE musicians! ^_^! They were quite good too!

Otto in the Anchor.

Can you spot the Otto atop that maroon chair there? This was the lobby of the Anchorage, the little inn attached to the Anchor Bar.

After enjoying the Anchor Bar (where I sampled a 16-year old Bushmills whiskey, which was quite lovely) we headed back to Mark and Marvin’s to watch some TV and have a beer and a chat…until 5am! Yikes! Fun, but not when you have orientation the next morning!

Otto with Mark and Katie

AGAIN with giving Otto booze!? What a lush my octopus has become! But this is Mark with one of my housemates, Katie.

But getting up wasn’t actually too bad, considering the lack of sleep, lol. The rest of orientation went well, but it was more fun later in the day when I had an RNE (random nerd encounter) with this awesome dude named Declan. He was wearing a Watchmen t-shirt, so I said I liked the shirt. We ended up spending the whole rest of the afternoon together! He was super fun, and–get this–he’s doing his media studies thesis on Joss Whedon television shows. How awesome is that? ^_^!

Anyway, that night (Friday) was also monumental in that I got to move into my new, permanent digs. And it’s sooooooooo much nicer than the other one, even without all the trash and stuff! ^_^!

Otto on my desk.

Otto chills atop my laptop in my room. That whole wall (which is that lovely shade of yellow--so cheerful!) is just a big built in: there's a closet on the right, the desk in the middle with the shelves up top, and then to the left is the sink. I love the set up!

Otto on the mantleplace.

In our living room, we have this strange fireplace like thing that is meant to look like a fireplace, but is not actually a chimney or anything. It's just like a little brick square. It's even carpeted in there, lol. But the mantle and everything looks nice, and Otto seems to enjoy the gourd collection anyway!

Otto on the chair.

Here's Otto on the chair in our living room/dining room. To put this in perspective, the couch and kitchen were behind me in this shot, and the mantle thingie was to my right. That door leads to the hall and my room!

Otto on the counter.

Here's Otto on our kitchen counter right next the the awesome colander that I bought at the Pound Stretcher. What happened was that the previous resident had just moved out and had not put away some of his washed dishes. I looked and didn't see a colander there, so I decided to buy a cheap one because I knew I'd be making pasta. Turns out his colander was under one of the pans, lol. Oh well, it's cool anyway--instead of just holes, it's got punched out words like "vegetables" and "pasta" and other things you drain. VERY COOL! But now it's my fruit bowl, lol, and I've put some little oranges in it. Yes! ^_^!

Otto on the stove.

Oh no, Otto!! Get off the stove!!

Otto and Me.

FINALLY I've taken a picture of myself, lol. Here, Otto and I chill on the couch.



Otto on my sink.

I am so enamored with my sink. No, really. I think every college dorm should have a sink in the room, it is just so darned handy!

Otto on my bed.

And here is Otto beneath the lovely head lamp over my bed (also very convenient for late-night reading!) with the neat plaid pillowcase.

Lovely, yeah? I like it a lot! So it was nice to settle in and unpack, and later that same evening, we all went to McDonald’s! I had a Chicken Tikka snack wrap, which was so delicious that I hope that they bring them to the ‘States! It was like a sweet/spicy curry sauce with crispy nice cucumber and lettuce in a chicken snack wrap, and it was very tasty!

On Saturday, I spent the day around town in Coleraine to unlock my phone (so that I could call home with my more international-call-friendly SIM card) and pick up some stuff from the Pound Stretcher (including that awesome colander you saw above, lol) and I also made my first big trip to Tesco’s to get groceries! Tesco is amazing! They have this stir-fry mix kit where for 2.50 pounds you get the noodles, some veggies, and the sauce to fry it in! Yum! It’s probably the best supermarket I’ve ever been in.

Well, I’m going to stop here for now because I haven’t uploaded the pictures from Saturday evening yet (will do that soon!) but we DID go out again, this time to a bar called Shenanigans. Pics to come soon! But for now, the hour is late, and I grow weary. Good night everybody! Stay tuned!


1. Catherine Loftis - 02/10/2010

Did you get my old phone unlocked and working? It’s a nice little phone! Served me well :) Also does it still have any numbers on it? There’s one guy I’d really like to get ahold of, but the only way I knew of to contact him was by phone :(

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