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Leg One: WVWC 01/16/2010

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Though technically not “abroad” yet, I have accrued a shocking amount of photos nonetheless! Having dropped Jerry back off at the West Virginia Wesleyan College campus, I decided to use the gobs of free time that I was NOT spending in classes (for I have none yet–oh rapture!) to go around to everyone that I could find and say my farewells and see-yas.

From 11 Jan to today (15 Jan), the kind VISTA folks in the red house next to the PAC (that would be Jill, Alice, Sarah, Brandon, and Cassi–awesome folks all!) let me crash on their sofa and generally sloth out for the few days I was on campus. Here are some of mine (and Admiral Otto’s) shenanigans.

Otto getting a bit fresh with Cassi in the red house living room. Ooh la la!

Otto getting a bit fresh with Cassi in the red house living room. Ooh la la!

Otto in the snowy-snow.

Otto atop a massive pile of snow on a trash can outside Agnes Howard, a.k.a. Aggie, a.k.a. Pretty Antique Death Trap Building.

Jerry, Otto, and John Wesley

Jerry with Otto and John Wesley on the steps of the chapel--no WVWC visit would be complete without it. :P

Otto near freaky ice tree

Otto on a bike seat, and near a freaky ice tree thing outside the campus center.

Otto and Sourdough

One night, the girls in the SAI suite were kind enough to have Jerry and I over for dinner. Here's Otto with the loaf of homemade sourdough bread Jes made!

Otto at CJs.

A staple of Buckhannon life, Otto perches atop the paper towel roll at the popular restaurant CJ Maggie's, where Jerry and I stopped for lunch one day.

Rhonda, Otto, and Paula.

I couldn't very well visit WVWC without swinging by the library! Otto can be seen here at the circulation desk with librarians Paula and Rhonda.

Otto at Carmona's...or Maroma's...whichever it is now. :P

No visit to Buck-town would be complete without a hearty nosh at Mexico...Otto nibbles nachos betwixt Jill and Danielle, my SAI famil--I mean, good friends. ^_~!

Julie and Otto

As my freshman seminar leader and one of the first people I met at Wesleyan, I HAD to go visit Julie before I left! Here's a lovely pic of Otto with Julie---oh, do note the big WVWC cup on the desk! ^_^!

Maria and Otto in Sunny Bucks

Since I'm about three days away from flying to the place, it made a lot of sense (and was a lot of fun) to meet up with WVWC's resident "Norn Iron" student Maria for a bit of pre-game craic.


Oh no!!! Otto better watch his squishy little cephalopod self near of one of the hugest icicles on campus. Hanging from the Christopher Hall of Science, this icicle actually prompts the school to close off the door under it so no one gets accidentally impaled. Good idea!

Suyoung, Otto, and Me.

Met up with Suyoung and just had to get a picture!

Kate and her creation, Otto in front of Holloway.

I KNEW I had to get a creator/creation shot while I was here, and I just happened to run into Kate (my roomie/crafter of Otto) outside of Holloway Hall, my dorm of choice for the past two and a half years. Fun picture taking ensued.

Three Birds, One Stone. Awwww, yeah.

So...this picture exists so I could get a picture of my car WITH Otto and with Aggie in the background. Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Well...technically it's History and International Studies now...but that sign is old. :P

Otto and I were skulking about the basement of Haymond (as has been my wont for the past, oh, three years or so) and I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap his picture with the History sign (even if it is a bit dated, lol.)

Dr. Mahoney, in his office, with the octopus.

It's Dr. Mahoney. He's in his office. And there's an octopus on him. Somehow, there doesn't seem to be any words that could make this picture better than it is. This is just all manner of fun. ^_^!

FINALLY! Head shot!

About time someone put The Admiral on their head! I have been waiting with gleeful anticipation of such an event! Anywho, yes, I had to swing by the library ONE MORE TIME before I left Buckhannon, and I was lucky enough to catch Brett and Beth at the circulation desk, where they were kind enough to be awesome in this photo.

WHEW! Dude, maybe I’ll take a few less Otto shots–that crap took forever to upload! But I hope it’s been interesting anyway…I hope…yeah. :P Anywho, hope to have more Otto-centric shenanigans soon (perhaps even in N.Ireland next time!) Keep checking the blog! Adios!

P.S. If for some reason you want a larger resolution version of any of these photos (like if you’re in one and you want a copy or something) just e-mail me at apathetic_care_bear@yahoo.com or scott.jm@gmx.com and I’ll send you a copy. Thanks!


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