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Introductions Must Be Made 01/15/2010

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People of the Internet! I give you…Otto.

Admiral Otto Tiberius Kowalski

The Admiral

This here is my cuddly stuffed octopus and travel companion, Otto. His full name is Admiral Otto Tiberius Kowalski, although he will likely be addressed as “Admiral Otto”, “Otto”, or even “The Admiral” throughout the course of this blog. He is my own tiny little version of the Traveling Gnome–anyone can take a picture of Giant’s Causeway, after all, but how many people can take a picture of it with a little stuffed octopus in it? Yes. My thoughts exactly.

So this blog will recount the glorious tales and exploits of Otto and myself as we brave this strange new place called Northern Ireland. Wish us luck. ^_^


1. wbnero - 01/23/2010

At work, our CEO/President is an admiral. We refer to him as “the admiral.” Haha.

jennloveschicken - 01/24/2010

It’s just fun to say, isn’t it? “The Admiral.” ^_^!

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