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Fruit of the Boom 12/31/2009

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So…I know I’m not the first to complain about airport security, but this is an introductory post anyway, so it’s likely no one will even read this. So nyeh.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s truly terrifying that even with all of these insane measures imposed on airline travelers that a man could still hop a plane with an explosive device stashed in his underoos. I mean what are we going to do now, ask people to drop trou at the airport to check for incendiaries? It’s scary that these things still slip through, because next time it might not be such a dismal terrorist failure and some people could actually be hurt.

That being said…I’m getting a little sick of the airport. No, really. I have a heinously long and convoluted flight ahead of me in a couple of weeks that I’m actively dreading because I know it will mean long lines, uncomfortable chairs, and ridiculous hoops to jump through. And I used to LOVE to fly when I was a kid!

New measures that are being adopted post-Fruit of the Boom are mysterious in nature–they believe this unpredictability will make it difficult to find loopholes in security, and I have to say I agree with that…to a point. The great thing about this is that TSA has the element of surprise against unscrupulous types who would try to exploit the system. The bad thing about this is…we, the law-abiding, NON-terrorist travelers, are SO screwed.

Among the new developments in airport security sadism are things like not being able to move around the cabin for the last hour of a plane ride…not even for the bathroom. Also, no blankets on your lap for the last hour (which, given the circumstance, I kind of get) and no electronic gizmos for the first AND last hours of the flight. Yeah. That’s two hours of any given flight that you’ve got nothing but the flight map to keep you occupied. Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? No flight map either? Well, we can’t make it easy for the terrorists to blow up a plane DIRECTLY over Yellowstone Park or Dollywood–we best not even show people where we are in the sky anymore. And you know, I actually kind of liked watching the flight map. Ridiculous.

So thanks, random Nigerian terrorist. Thanks. You may not have killed anybody, but you’ve made flying suck EVEN HARDER for at least six months. Bravo, jerk.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is all airlines (in fact, I’m fairly certain it’s not), but these are some of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard.


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